What Does a Bed Bug Look Like?

What Does a Bed Bug Look Like?

Imagine you wake up after a restful night of sleep. You yawn and stretch, and then you itch?  You glance down to your leg to find the offender and see those dreaded red bumps.  Could it be…bed bugs??  But what does a bed bug look like versus any other blood sucking fiend?  Is there a difference between what an adult bed bug looks like and what a newly hatched bed bug looks like?  Where do you even look for those “buggers”?

Slap on some calamine lotion and keep reading for some answers to the question what does a bed bug look like that will really get your skin crawling!

What does a bed bug look like

What does a bed bug look like – Find them first!

In order to determine what does a bed bug looks like, you’ll first need to look for them. The obvious place to first look is on your mattress and in your bedding, of course. There’s a reason they are called BED bugs after all!

They can also be found in dresser drawers, furniture, or even that pile of clothes you forgot to put away last week. Bed bugs have even been known to make their hideouts in electrical sockets. Shocking, I know!
Bed Bugs Look Like

There are some tell tale signs that itchiness is coming from a bed bug and not another vile bloodsucker. Bed bugs like to leave you little “gifts” such as the skin casings they will shed as they start to mature. You can also determine you have some uninvited house guests by looking for small blood stains and bug “droppings”.

Not only are bed bugs an unwelcome nuisance, but they are rude and do not clean up after themselves!

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What Does The Mature Bed Bug Look Like?

In general, an adult bed bug will be roughly the size of an apple seed. It is a misconception that developed bed bugs are not noticeable to an astute observer! They are also pretty slow moving, which helps it be more visible to the naked eye and detection simpler.

Its small body is flat, oval in shape, and wingless. That’s right, thankfully these little creeps can not fly! The mature bed bug looks brown in color, however if has just made a buffet of your blood, it will turn a rusty red color. Yum.
Adult Bed Bug

They Have Gross Babies Too

The bed bug’s babies, or nymphs as they are called, will definitely be more difficult to see. The newly hatched baby bed bugs are roughly the size of the head of a pin and are translucent white or tan.

Talk about finding a needle in a haystack!

Luckily, these immature bed bugs will also have that after dinner rust red glow about them, making detection a bit easier albeit with some scratching most likely involved.

A “True Bug”

Another defining characteristic that will help you answer the questions of: What does a bed bug look like, is that bed bugs are classified as a “true bug”. Meaning that they have a beak, their antennae will be in four parts, there will be vestiges of wings, but they are flightless. Bed bugs have short golden hued hairs that run along their bodies, and like all true bugs, have six legs.

Bed bugs also produce a sweetish, slightly musty stink that originates from odor glands on the underside of their little bodies. They can literally be sniffed out! In fact, there are some exterminators that use specially trained bed bug dogs to help determine if that odor is from a bed bug infestation, or just some bad cologne.

Quickly Identify an Adult Bed Bug

Adult bed bugs have the following characteristics:

  • Size of an apple seed
  • Brown to rust red in color
  • Commonly found in dark crevices
  • “True bug” with six legs, a beak, flightless
  • Stinky!

Quickly Identify a Bed Bug Baby

Baby or nymph bed bugs can be identified by the following:

  • Size of the head of a pin
  • Whitish to tan in color
  • Sheds its casings as it matures

Rest Easy!

So, what does a bed bug look like?

Truly the stuff of nightmares! However, now that you are armed with all of this itch inducing information, you will now be able to sleuth out the answer like a true Sherlock Holmes in the Case of the Itchy Epidermis!

Sweet dreams, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs … well you know the rest!

If you think you may have bed bugs, head over to our bed bug detection and bed bug treatment guides for more information.  Don’t wait, the longer you wait, the worse your infestation may get!

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