Why you should use a bed bug professional

Bed Bug ProfessionalI’m all about trying to resolve your bed bug problem before you call in a professional bed bug exterminator.   Why?  Because the professionals, while generally good, are expensive.

I’d rather try to resolve the problem myself using the various bed bug treatment options and possibly save myself hundreds or thousands of dollars.   Then if that doesn’t work, call in a professional.  I’ve read enough positive stories from people to know that “do it yourself” bed bug treatments DO work.  Not 100% of the time of course, but they do.

However, if you want the confidence of knowing a professional is handling your bed bug problems, visit our  Exterminator Comparison page, where you can get free quotes online form certified treatment specialists.

There are four reasons where I would just recommend skipping right over the do it yourself treatment options, and jumping straight to calling a professional:

1 – You don’t like to read or follow instructions

If you are one to just “figure things out” because you don’t have time or the attention span to read the instructions, just go ahead and call a professional.

To be effective and safe, do it yourself treatment options require that you completely follow the instructions.  Not following the instructions can result in you wasting money, wasting time and potentially putting yourself and your family in danger.   You must understand that bed bug sprays and pesticides, if not used properly, will not only fail to work, but can pose a significant health risk to you or your family.

If you aren’t willing to read and understand the instructions, just go ahead and use a bed bug professional.

2 – You lack common sense

I was reading an article yesterday where “a Woodbury, NJ homeowner managed to set his house on fire in the course of a do-it-yourself pest control effort to rid it of bed bugs. He was reportedly using a space heater, a hair dryer, and a heat gun in order to kill bed bugs in a room on the second floor.”

A neighbor said “He went online, [and] got some instructions.”

There are just no words…

Heat treatments, unless you are using a steamer or placing the items in a bag to be heated by the sun, are not recommended for the do it yourself.  This person was trying to mimic a professional heat treatment using a space heater, hair dryer and heat gun.   Something tells me that the professionals don’t use space heaters and hair dryers…

In fact, if you do even a little research, you’ll see that professionals use very specific equipment for heat treatments, often involving large trucks that contain the the heat generating equipment.  They also use very large heat and fire resistant containers to place all of your stuff in prior to treatment.

Common sense should tell you that using a space heater, hair dryer and heat gun is probably not the wisest thing to do.  Don’t do anything that has the potential risk of destroying your home in the process of treating bed bugs.

If you lack common sense or have a high threshold of danger, just use a bed bug professional.   Professionals are far less expensive than having to rebuild your home.

3 – You believe everything you read

Bed bug infestations worldwide are on the rise, and particularly here in the US.  As a result, numerous products and websites have appeared popped up all over the internet offering to “help you” resolve your bed bug problems.  Some of these products work, some don’t.  I might even go out on a limb and say most of them don’t.  Many websites are offering tips and suggestions on how to deal with bed bugs as well, and many of these sites contain inaccurate information or just plain bad advice.

Don’t believe everything you read.  Do your research, read reviews, and compare site information.  If 10 bed bug sites are saying one thing, and another site is saying something different, chances are the one site is wrong.

All of the information provided here on the Bed Bug Treatment site is researched, proven and accurate.  All tips and strategies are from real people who had success treating their bed bug problem.  All product recommendations are proven and the chemical products are backed up by the FDA.

If you’re one to believe everything you read, than you might just want to use a bed bug professional.

4 – You have enough money to pay for professional treatment

In the majority of cases, calling a professional will resolve your bed bug problem.   The problem is, the price.  Professionals are good, but expensive and professional bed bug treatments often require multiple visits.  The average cost of a professional bed bug treatment is around $1500.00!

Trying to resolve the problem yourself using do it yourself treatment options can save you a great deal of money.

But…If you have the money, or have lots of money, we would recommend saving yourself some trouble and just engaging a professional.  If you’re like most of us and pinching pennies, than do it yourself treatment strategies should be strongly considered before you use a bed bug professional.

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