Strongest Bed Bug Killers

Let’s face it, bed bugs are hard to find, and even harder to kill.   To kill them, you’ll want to use the strongest bed bug killers available, but you’ll also want to use products that are safe for your home and family as well.

Strongest Bed Bug Killers

Fortunately there are a number of products on the market, that are both strong and safe. 

While all of the products we recommend are highly effective, and have proven kill rates, your best bet is to use an integrated pest management approach, which we cover in detail on our Bed Bug Treatment page.  

This approach combines multiple strategies over time, to optimize the effectiveness of the products you use.   This approach has the highest rate of success, and is a similar approach to what professional exterminators use.

Below are the strongest and most effective bed bug sprays and powders for your home.  These are all proven products, that receive top reviews on Amazon, and have been selected in various studies.

Strongest Bed Bug Killers

Here are our top picks for the strongest and most effective bed bug killers.   

Our Top Rated Products

#1st Rated

Bedlam Plus

This is the preferred product by many professionals, due to it being highly effective, and water based.  The product will not stain or leave residue.   Bedlam Plus is effective at killing 98% of the bed bugs within 10 days.

#2nd Rated

Cimexa Bed Bug Powder

Kills bed bug adults, nymphs and nymphs hatched from dusted eggs – including parathyroid-resistant bed bugs. Perfect for treating cracks, crevices, voids, mattresses, carpets, pet rest areas, attics and many other areas.  Odorless and will not stain.

#3rd Rated

Bed Bug Patrol

All Natural – Bed Bug Patrol was also tested in the Rutger’s University research study,  performed very well as well, causing a 92% mortality rate after 10 days.  Only kills what it comes in contact with.

#4th Rated

Harris Bed Bug Killer Powder

Diatomaceous Earth – Insects coming into contact with the powder will die within 48 hours of initial contact.  Continues to kill bed bugs for weeks after application as long as it’s kept dry.  Safe and EPA approved.

Which is the most effective?

No single product is the most effective, as each bed bug infestation is different, and various products may be more effective in your particular situation.  

With that being said, Sprays are generally far more effective when you can see the actual bed bugs or their eggs.   Sprays kill on contact, but often don’t have a long residual kill rate.  Sprays are often difficult to get into hard to reach areas, like small cracks and in walls.  Sprays are highly effective on mattresses, cloth, and furniture.

Powders don’t kill on contact, but have a very long residual kill rate.  As long as the powder remains dry, it can kill bed bugs for months.   Powders are also highly effective in difficult to reach areas, especially when an applicator is used.  Powders also have the advantage of allowing bed bugs to carry the powder to other bed bugs, maximizing kill rate.

So, what is the most effective?   Both.

To begin bed bug treatment with these products:

  1. Vacuuming the room thoroughly and throw out the vacuum bag outdoors immediately 
  2. Remove linens from beds, and  wash everything that is washable in hot water.  Use a strong detergent and bleach mixture.  Place linens in the dryer, and dry them on the highest setting.  
  3. Cover your mattress and box spring with bed bug covers.
  4. Spray everything in the room with a bed bug spray.  Then place powder around furniture, beds, and walls.   Use an applicator to get the powder into hard to reach areas, where bed bugs like to hide.   You will need to respray weekly.
  5. Continue this process until you no longer see bed bugs, or evidence of bed bugs.  If after a few weeks, you don’t see progress being made, add steaming into the mix.

Learn more about Bed Bug Treatment on our Treatment Page.

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