Bed bug bite treatment arm

Bed bug bites symptoms

Bed bug bites are often very difficult to distinguish from other bug bites.  Even trained physicians frequently misdiagnose bed bug bites.  An additional problem is that bed bug bite symptoms can vary

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Bed bug home remedy

Bed bug home remedy options

Have bed bugs?  If so, I’m really sorry to hear that. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to detect and get rid of.  The standard solution is chemical based pesticides, which many environmentally

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Bed bug dogs

Dogs have been used to assist and help people for thousands of years.  In many cases, they are used because of their  exceptional sense of smell.  Turns out, dogs are really great at finding and detecting

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Bed bug bite treatment

Bed bug bite treatment tips

As if having bed bugs in your bed isn’t bad enough, having them bite you while you’re sleeping just adds insult to injury.  Bed bug bites, depending on the individual person, can be very painful

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