Hotel Impossible Bed Bugs

One of the shows we love watching is the reality show Hotel Impossible on The Travel Channel.  Hotels on the show receive makeovers and coaching from veteran hotel operator Anthony Melchiorri and his team.  Anthony is a character, but he gets the job done and turns these hotels around.

Hotel Impossible Bed Bugs

One of the very first things Anthony does on the show is inspect the rooms.  When  he walks into one of the hotels rooms to inspect it, he almost always walks to the bed first, pulls back the sheets and inspects the sheets and mattress very closely.   What’s he looking for?  You got it, bed bugs.

Out of all the episodes we’ve watched, I had never seen Anthony find bed bugs or even signs of them … until a recent episode where Anthony and a bed bug dog he brings in find a bunch of rooms heavily infested with bed bugs and roaches.  We’re used to seeing pictures of bed bugs, but this show even made my skin crawl a bit!

You’ll note that Anthony’s inspection process is very similar to what we suggest on our bed bug detection page.  The treatment process used by the extermination company uses multiple strategies in their treatment process including vacuums, sprays, and steamers.   Again, exactly what we recommend on our treatment page and in our how to article.

We were very pleased to see these proven detection and treatment strategies being used by professionals on the Hotel Impossible bed bugs episode. One important item to note from the show, that is critical is once you’ve removed bed bugs from your home or business, you must continue to perform inspections and treat again if necessary.   We inspect all the bedrooms in our home weekly.

Anyway, here’s the snippet from the show where Anthony finds the bed bugs and tells the owners.

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