Bed Bugs Hotels – Tips for avoiding hotel bed bug problems

Bed bug reports are on the rise around the world, and specifically in residential homes and commercial hotels.   For hotels owners, bed bugs are becoming a significant issue that is requiring hotel owners and staff to perform frequent inspections and keep bed bug service contracts in place with local professional bed bug experts.  Many hotel owners have even hired bed bug dogs to come in on a recurring basis to insure the hotel doesn’t have bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Hotels

A hotel owners worst nightmare is having a guest check into a room and finding bed bugs.  Can you imagine?   Having bed bugs in a hotel is a reputation nightmare.  Very few things scare hotel customers more than finding bed bugs in their hotel room.

Unfortunately reports of bed bugs in hotels is becoming more and more frequent in the news.   Here at The Bed Bug Treatment Site, we receive daily worldwide news reports on bed bugs.  Almost every single day, we receive a press release or a news update about hotels in the US and around the world that have reported finding bed bugs.   Hotel owners are scared, and are taking extreme measures to prevent them.

Don’t believe us?   A recent episode of Hotel Impossible on the travel channel highlighted a hotel in Florida that had a very bad bed bug infestation.  Fortunately for them, the problem was found and resolved by the show’s host, Anthony Melchiorri.

As the bed bug problem continues to grow, so will the number of hotels with bed bug infestations.   If you stay in hotels, this is something you should be very concerned about.

Tips for avoiding bed bugs in hotels

Here are some tips to help you avoid experiencing bed bugs when staying in hotels:

  1. Check The Bed Bug Registry and see if the hotel you are planning to stay at has had a bed bug problem reported.
  2. Call and speak to the hotel manager and ask them about their bed bug treatment and prevention strategies.   Ask them if they have ever had a bed bug problem, and if so what was done about it.
  3. Perform a thorough inspection of your hotel room PRIOR to checking in.  Please visit our prevention page and scroll to the bottom for a video that shows you how to do a proper inspection.    The video is also included below.  If you’ve ever watched Hotel Impossible, this is one of the very first thing Anthony Melchiorri does when he visits a hotel.
  4. Leave your luggage in your car until the room inspection is complete.
  5. When you return, immediately wash and dry all of your clothes and inspect your luggage before bringing it into your home.  Always practice bed bug prevention strategies at home.  This is the number 1 way to prevent bed bugs in your home.

If you find bed bugs or any signs of bed bugs, leave the room immediately and request another room far away from the infected room.  Perform an inspection of the new room as well.  If you find bed bugs again, leave the hotel immediately and tell the manager why you’re leaving.  Report your findings on The Bed Bug Registry to help others.

Hotel Room Bed Bug Detection Video

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