Bed Bug Treatment Kits


While professional bed bug exterminators are the most effective bed bug treatment, exterminators can be very expensive.  The cost quickly grows as sometimes 5 or more treatment are generally required to rid your bed and home of bed bugs.  At an average cost of $250 – $350 dollars a room per visit, your total extermination cost can easily exceed $1,500.00.  That’s not small chunk of change.

Fortunately, there are a number of treatment kits available that allow do it yourself types to try and exterminate the bed bugs themselves.  While these products don’t have the high success rate that professional extermination provides, they are significantly lower in cost and give you a little more control of the application.

Bed Bug Treatment Kits

Bed Bug Treatment Kits contain the same products used by pest control professionals and additionally include a full set of instructions for applying the various products.  Do My Own Pest Control offers a number of treatment kits designed for individual need.  They have kits for small apartments, mid size homes and large homes.  They also have all natural treatment kits that contain some of the safest products available.  They even carry a commercial kit designed for Hotels and Apartment complexes.

These are all professional and effective treatment kits that are not available in your average local hardware store like Lowe’s, Home Depot or Walmart.

These kits are for people serious about getting rid of and killing bed bugs.