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Bed Bugs Hotels

Where do Bed Bugs Hide?

You suspect you might have a bed bug infestation and now you’re wondering, “Where do bed bugs hide?” After all, you cannot solve the problem if you don’t know where to focus treatment. These critters

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Bed Bug Traps

Bed Bug Traps – A Buyer’s Guide

You’re wondering if bed bug traps can, in fact, help you determine if you have an infestation. Maybe you have visually detected what could be some pest activity and you want to confirm what you have

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bed bug bites

How to treat bed bug bites

If you’ve ever awoken to a bevy of itchy, red bumps that you don’t remember falling asleep with, chances are high that you’ve been laid waste to in the night by bed bugs. A nasty thought for

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Bed Bugs Look Like

What Does a Bed Bug Look Like?

Imagine you wake up after a restful night of sleep. You yawn and stretch, and then you itch?  You glance down to your leg to find the offender and see those dreaded red bumps.  Could it be…bed

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How to protect yourself from bed bugs in hotels

I know when I stay in hotels I’m nervous!  I worry I may bring bed bugs from the hotel into my home. Bed bugs can attach themselves to your clothes, luggage, and purses. When in comes to bed bugs

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Bugs that look like bed bugs

While bed bugs seem to be increasing, at an alarming rate, across the country, not all bugs in your home or in your bed are actual bed bugs. Many may look similar, but are something different altogether.

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Bed Bug Rashes

A person who has bed bug bites could develop a Bed Bug Rash. The skin becomes red and itchy, and the area where you have been bitten may become swollen. It usually takes some time for the redness and

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Bed Bug Mattress Covers

Have you ever woken up in your bed and found unexplainable rashes all over your body? Scenarios like this often make you assume its an allergic reaction to the foods that you ate before you went to bed.

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Get rid of bed bugs

What do Bed Bugs look like?

When we think of Bed Bugs, we are often reminded of our grandmother telling us wicked tales of being eaten alive, or of happy memories of our parents tucking us in bed, telling us to sleep tight and not

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How do you get bed bugs

How do you get bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a very common problem in many households around the world. Whether you are rich or poor, bedbugs are likely to infest your home and can bring a great deal discomfort and frustration.  These

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