Bed bug spray

Bed bug spray

One of the most common and effective bed bug treatment options is using a quality bed bug spray.

Bed bug sprays are chemical or organic liquids that come in various sizes, from several ounces to 55-gallon drum size.   The sprays general contain multiple products that have been proven to kill bed bugs and in many cases prevent them from returning by using a repellant.

While highly effective, bed bug sprays alone are generally not enough to completely remove or kill bed bugs.  Using only a bed bug spray is a common mistake people make when treating bed bugs.  Sprays are most effective when combined with other bed bug treatment strategies includin heat, steam, and vacuuming.

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How to effectively use a bed bug spray

Here’s the most effective way to use a bed bug spray to treat your bed bug infestation:

  1. Remove all linens and bedding from the bed.  Include curtains and another cloth items in the room.  This includes any clothing items in dressers or closets in the infected room as well.  
  2. Place all of these in a large plastic trash bag and tie the bag.  Make sure you place the bedding in the bag while you are in the infected room.   This is critical, as while travelling from your bedroom to your laundry room, without the bag, bed bugs may fall and infect other parts of your home.
  3. Place the bag in your washer and rip it open, dropping the clothes in.  Wash and dry your bedding on the highest heat setting.  Bed bugs cannot tolerate high heat, and this will kill any bed bugs or bed bug eggs on your bedding and linens.  Throw away the remaining bag in an external trash can.
  4. Remove your mattress and box springs from the bed, but keep them in the room.
  5. Remove all drawers from your nightstands, dressers, etc.
  6. Thoroughly vacuum the room, including carpet, furniture, bed and baseboards.
  7. Spray everything down, following the manufacturer’s instructions with bed bug spray.   Be sure to spray hard to reach and see areas as well.  This is likely where they are hiding.  We recommend Bed Bugs Bully as an awesome “green” treatment option and Do My Own Pest Control pesticide based bed bug sprays.  Both receive top reviews from customers, have proven themselves to work and are from reputable companies.  These products have a very strong smell and should be used in a well ventilated area.  So open all the windows and consider using a fan.
  8. Let everything completely air dry.
  9. Installing Bed bug mattress covers and bed bug box spring covers.  Bed bug sprays are highly effective for areas where the spray can contact bed bugs and bed bug eggs.  Where sprays are less effective is on mattresses and box springs where the spray cannot fully penetrate.  Both of these products will keep bed bugs out of your mattress and box spring and also trap any remaining bugs inside, where they will eventually die.  Standard mattress covers will not work.  Bed bugs can escape from the zippers.  Bed bug mattress covers and box spring covers have a special design to avoid this issue.
  10. Complete re-assembling the room.
  11. Reapply spray to furniture and carpet weekly for a few weeks just to be safe.  If you elected to not purchase Bed bug mattress covers and bed bug box spring covers, than your mattress and box springs should be sprayed again as well.

If the above steps do not resolve your bug bed infestation, call a professional exterminator as your bed bug infestation is more complex.

Bed Bug Spray Products

There are a number of bed bug spray products on the market, some work great and others don’t work at all.   In fact, false advertising and ineffective products have become such a problem, that the FTC has stepped in.

We recommend three different products, all 100% effective at killing bed bugs on contact within 10 days.   Two are natural products and one is a pesticide based product.   See these products along with their pros/cons and active ingredients on our Best Bed Bug Spray for home use page.

Don’t forget the Bed bug mattress covers and bed bug box spring covers.  These are an important step in the full treatment process.

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