Bed Bug season and how to prevent infestation

Bed Bug SeasonMany people don’t know that there is a “bed bug season”.  Bed bugs live throughout the year, and can withstand a variety of temperatures.  But, there is a particular time during each year where bed bugs thrive.  Bed bug season typically starts at the end of April each year and ends at the beginning of the month in November.

Why do we call this Bed Bug Season?

Bed Bug Season

The answer to these question lies in first comprehending our habits as individuals and our environment.  The period of May through November usually corresponds to the warm summer months.  During the summer, many families travel to see friends, relatives, visit amusement parks and even travel to foreign countries.  These travel and hotel stays bring a higher risk of bringing back bed bugs from the various places visited.  In fact, bed bug season peaks in the months of august and September when most families are return from their travels.

Another reason for there being a “bed bug season” is that bed bugs favor warm environments.  During the summer, people putting their thermostat higher in order to save money.  This, coupled with the warm weather actually produces perfect conditions for the bed bug to develop quickly.  The warm conditions increases the rate of bed bug activity and as a result, bed bug bites can be felt day or night.  As a matter of fact, a home can have a bedbug infestation that only becomes noticeable during the summer months.

Avoiding Bed Bugs during Bed Bug Season

Now that bedbugs are here to stay, how can one prevent an infestation?  As travel and hotel stays can potentially expose you to bed bugs.  You should ensure that once once you are back from your travels, that your clothes are washed and dried in your washer and dryer under high heat.  This will kill any bed bugs that “hitched a ride”.

While traveling, you should be knowledgeable on where bed bugs is most likely to be.  A dorm or hotel is a high traffic, high risk place that bed bugs can be found.  Once in these places, pull back the sheets and observe the seams for any sight of the pest.  Check also for any blood stains on the mattress.  Change rooms if you notice any sign of a bed bugs.

Once in a hotel, you should also be careful to examine the wood and fabric on the furniture in the room.  Extra emphasis should be put on the cracks or crevices in the furniture as bed bugs seem to prefer wood and fabric.

While in hotels, do not put your suit case on the bed, but rather use a suitcase holder if provided.  Inspect the bed and room first before placing your bag or any of your belongings on the bed.

You should also inspect all used furniture and clothing that one brings into the home.  As with when in hotels, crevices, cracks and moldings in the furniture should be inspected.

Once home, you should look for signs of bedbugs.  If you find any signs of bed bugs, immediately treat the issue, and take preventative measures.

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