Bed bug dogs

Bed Bug DogsDogs have been used to assist and help people for thousands of years.  In many cases, they are used because of their  exceptional sense of smell.  Turns out, dogs are really great at finding and detecting bed bugs!  Yes, bed bug dogs are being used more and more frequently to assist exterminators with detecting and finding bed bugs.

Bed bugs can often be very difficult to find and detect.  But using a bed bug dog, detecting and locating bed bugs is easy and fast.  The average bed bug dog can detect and locate bed bugs in less than two minutes!  Bed bug dogs are specifically training to smell out bed bugs and will bark at an area where they smell bed bugs, which give off a unique odor.

Why use bed bug dogs?

  • Less Expensive – Finding bed bugs using dogs is much quicker and more accurate.  Traditional bed bug detection methods can be very time consuming, and thus cost a lot of money.  Since a bed bug dog can generally detect bed bugs in less than 2 minutes, the whole detection process is quick, easy and accurate.
  • Cutting Edge – Bed bugs dogs are the only “tool” that can detect and accurately pinpoint the exact location (or locations) of bed bugs.  There is currently no better way.  Dogs are proven and trusted and have been used to “sniff out” things for years.
  • Accurate – Bed bug dogs have proven themselves to be be highly accurate. 96% accurate in fact.   There is currently no more accurate way to find bed bugs, which is why bed bug dogs are being so heavily used.

Bed bug dogs not only detect the bugs, they also detect bed bug eggs which can be very difficult to locate.  Bed bug dogs can alert at the smell of just one bug, they are that accurate.  Bed bugs can additionally locate bed bug infestations behind switch plates and walls.

How to hire a bed bug dog

Bed bug dog trainers and their dogs are available in most cities, small or large.  To hire them, you can generally do a web search for “bed bug dog” followed by your city and state.  Additionally, exterminators commonly partner with trainers and can refer you to trainers in your area or will use bed bug dogs are part of their bed bug treatment process.

The cost to have a bed bug dog inspect your house generally range from $300 – $400.  Larger homes and businesses can cost more and the prices vary based on location and availability of dogs in the area.

Bed bug dogs in action

Here are a few videos that show bed bug dogs in action, locating and detecting bed bugs:



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